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It was all hazy and confusing for the Football fans, looking at the World Cup game proceedings this year. But we actually learned a lot with the different scenarios and results. Things ranging from the VAR opinions to Panama’s amazing game. We shall find out the 5 Top things that we understood with the World Cup final rounds.

World Cup Final Rounds

Key Learnings from the World Cup Final Rounds

Are fair-plays really fair enough? How did it go with Sweden without the presence of Zlatan?

1: European Players had to suffer once more.

Four World Cup Champions from Europe have been eliminated from the group stage itself. It was in the year 2002 when France failed to make a single goal and ended up in the bottom group along with Senegal, Uruguay, Denmark. Then in 2014, Spain lost to Chile and Holland. Then the only left team was Germany who finished the game, at last, ending them up with Mexico, South Korea, and Sweden.

2: The VAR did help with the game; still it remains a bit controversial.

During the final group stage, a lot of 24 penalties – this one is mostly a record for the whole tournament game. VAR systems have been effectively used by the referees, and it has helped them in making accurate game decisions too. Still, the VAR has also made the mistakes look more deliberate than it actually was.

3: Sweden plays better without Zlatan.

Zlatan once mentioned how his team was not much worthy without him. But during the match, we saw a united, focused Sweden who gave in their best players even in the absence of Zlatan who underperformed for the team and even made the other players feel inferior during the game.

4: There was never fair play. Japan vs Poland match proved that.

Japan got into the last 16 team with the fair play rule, but was it all fair in reality? Japan simply did nothing in the last 8-minute duration; neither did they pass the ball forward, tackled it, nor thought to score an equalizer so that the team could work on the destiny. Instead, they did nothing, even though they were on the losing side. They ended the game with losing to Poland by 1-0 and gave it to Columbia to do the rest of their job.

5: It’s always not about winning.

Panama team was all down with a score of 6-0 against England, and suddenly the Panamanian commentator shouted with a crack in his voice, “My country has scored!”. The team didn’t win, and they even gave in 11 goals but still, people were happy with the fact that Panama was there.

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