Sports hold a special place in my life, and this website is dedicated for all the sports lovers out there. Hey guys, this is Jacob, and I am currently working as a fitness trainer here in Connecticut.

We have got people from different age groups here who are getting trained under me. My sole aim is to inspire and spread this thought of keeping health as a priority in life.

How it all Started?

I was with my grandparents during my 1-week off from work. Both of them are in their early 70s, still, they seemed to be fit. I asked my grandpa how did he maintain the health, and his fitness secret of course.

He gave a thought to the question and smiled. ‘Oh come on, tell me’, I insisted like a kid. He said, ‘I know what is good and bad for the health. So, keep feeding the good to your mind and body. That’s the secret.’

And the seed was sown right away.

What is saveourlooneytunes all about?

Get all the sports news updates about different games like basketball, cricket, hockey, football, etc. Also, keeping the sports as the main base, I will share my tips and ideas on health and what all wonders you could do to your body with sports!

Lots of love & Good Vibes on your way.

– Jacob