Everything About America’s New Table Tennis Phenom: Kanak Jha

Kanak Jha, the first American born in 2000 to qualify for the Olympics. He currently holds the 73 position in the Tennis World Rankings, which is the highest in the United States. Kanak participated in the 2016 Olympics, during which he was the youngest American athlete competing with the players.

If you have seen the table tennis game in real, you will feel like a video with two people hitting the balls is played in a fast-forward manner. You won’t know where the ball went, where only a blur path of ball would be visible. May be it’s the same feeling for the players.

Everything About America’s New Table Tennis Phenom: Kanak Jha

america's New Table Tennis Phenom Kanak Jha

I am recalling one of the ESPN article about Kanak Jha, and how the interaction went.

It was the graduation day, and this Indian-American guy mere 17-years was all dressed up with the traditional cap and gown, and beneath a blue suit. After a few minutes, the anchor called up ‘Kanak Jha’, and there was silence in the hall.

Jha goes up to the stage, receives his diploma certificate, smiles at the audience, and walks back to his seat. This young, talented athlete who is the first 2000-year born from the U.S to enter into Olympics.

He was all unknown in this college sadly, but he is going to be the person who changes the definition of the Table Tennis game.

Just two days after graduation, Jha was called up for practise at Swan under his private coach Stfean Feth. They went to a table tennis club at Santa Clara, but all the best ping pong tables were packed up. Jha decided to choose a corner of the club, and began his warm-up session.

What I noticed with Kanak’s presence and behaviour, he is the man of his words. He don’t smile much, and believes in action rather than talks. It was indeed a delight to know this young man of dreams, and his parents Arun and Karuna are his support pillars who also dreams the same like their son.

Currently, there are around 20 million recreational TT players in America, but the USA Table Tennis only has 9000 members. There are 300 table tennis clubs associated with the USATT, out of which 50 of them are in California. Men’s rooster has got 5 athletes, and women’s have 4 athletes.

I don’t know if Kanak would be one of the best table tennis player, but he might be a guiding light for the American Olympics. Till now, no American player has won an Olympic Medal.