Everything About America’s New Table Tennis Phenom: Kanak Jha

Kanak Jha, the first American born in 2000 to qualify for the Olympics. He currently holds the 73 position in the Tennis World Rankings, which is the highest in the United States. Kanak participated in the 2016 Olympics, during which he was the youngest American athlete competing with the players.

If you have seen the table tennis game in real, you will feel like a video with two people hitting the balls is played in a fast-forward manner. You won’t know where the ball went, where only a blur path of ball would be visible. May be it’s the same feeling for the players.

Everything About America’s New Table Tennis Phenom: Kanak Jha

america's New Table Tennis Phenom Kanak Jha

I am recalling one of the ESPN article about Kanak Jha, and how the interaction went.

It was the graduation day, and this Indian-American guy mere 17-years was all dressed up with the traditional cap and gown, and beneath a blue suit. After a few minutes, the anchor called up ‘Kanak Jha’, and there was silence in the hall.

Jha goes up to the stage, receives his diploma certificate, smiles at the audience, and walks back to his seat. This young, talented athlete who is the first 2000-year born from the U.S to enter into Olympics.

He was all unknown in this college sadly, but he is going to be the person who changes the definition of the Table Tennis game.

Just two days after graduation, Jha was called up for practise at Swan under his private coach Stfean Feth. They went to a table tennis club at Santa Clara, but all the best ping pong tables were packed up. Jha decided to choose a corner of the club, and began his warm-up session.

What I noticed with Kanak’s presence and behaviour, he is the man of his words. He don’t smile much, and believes in action rather than talks. It was indeed a delight to know this young man of dreams, and his parents Arun and Karuna are his support pillars who also dreams the same like their son.

Currently, there are around 20 million recreational TT players in America, but the USA Table Tennis only has 9000 members. There are 300 table tennis clubs associated with the USATT, out of which 50 of them are in California. Men’s rooster has got 5 athletes, and women’s have 4 athletes.

I don’t know if Kanak would be one of the best table tennis player, but he might be a guiding light for the American Olympics. Till now, no American player has won an Olympic Medal.

5 Key Learnings from the World Cup Final Rounds | All About Games

It was all hazy and confusing for the Football fans, looking at the World Cup game proceedings this year. But we actually learned a lot with the different scenarios and results. Things ranging from the VAR opinions to Panama’s amazing game. We shall find out the 5 Top things that we understood with the World Cup final rounds.

World Cup Final Rounds

Key Learnings from the World Cup Final Rounds

Are fair-plays really fair enough? How did it go with Sweden without the presence of Zlatan?

1: European Players had to suffer once more.

Four World Cup Champions from Europe have been eliminated from the group stage itself. It was in the year 2002 when France failed to make a single goal and ended up in the bottom group along with Senegal, Uruguay, Denmark. Then in 2014, Spain lost to Chile and Holland. Then the only left team was Germany who finished the game, at last, ending them up with Mexico, South Korea, and Sweden.

2: The VAR did help with the game; still it remains a bit controversial.

During the final group stage, a lot of 24 penalties – this one is mostly a record for the whole tournament game. VAR systems have been effectively used by the referees, and it has helped them in making accurate game decisions too. Still, the VAR has also made the mistakes look more deliberate than it actually was.

3: Sweden plays better without Zlatan.

Zlatan once mentioned how his team was not much worthy without him. But during the match, we saw a united, focused Sweden who gave in their best players even in the absence of Zlatan who underperformed for the team and even made the other players feel inferior during the game.

4: There was never fair play. Japan vs Poland match proved that.

Japan got into the last 16 team with the fair play rule, but was it all fair in reality? Japan simply did nothing in the last 8-minute duration; neither did they pass the ball forward, tackled it, nor thought to score an equalizer so that the team could work on the destiny. Instead, they did nothing, even though they were on the losing side. They ended the game with losing to Poland by 1-0 and gave it to Columbia to do the rest of their job.

5: It’s always not about winning.

Panama team was all down with a score of 6-0 against England, and suddenly the Panamanian commentator shouted with a crack in his voice, “My country has scored!”. The team didn’t win, and they even gave in 11 goals but still, people were happy with the fact that Panama was there.

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Amazing Team Building Games that No One will Get Bored Of Playing

Do you wish to keep your team connected and strong?

If yes, then including a Game or Sport can help you with achieving this goal of yours. Here I will be listing out some easy and interesting games that you can include in the breaks and make each employee play! Shall we get started?

Team Building Games

Amazing Team Building Games that No One will Get Bored Of Playing

Keeping the team members connected is important for the success of the company. This builds the interpersonal relationships and inspires them to work better. Increases the Focus too.

Well, the list of benefits is endless.

Getting into the Team Building Games that you can give a try to: 

#1 The Book Activity

This is a long-term game, but an interesting one. Each employee should be given a chance to write or scribble something in a common book. After the book finishes, keep the book on the shelf and get a new one. It’s an effective way to get ideas and be inspired with new thoughts.

#2 Who are you!

Make some chits and write down the people types in it, for example, teacher, doctor, singer, painter, etc. Or even a famous person’s name. These chits are pasted on the back of the participants, and others have to treat the participant in a way keep the character in mind. The player has to guess the text written on the text, and they win.

#3 Paper & Telephone.

This one is a fun game. Now, each of the participants is asked to draw something, and the paper is passed to the person sitting on the right. This person has to see the drawing, fold the paper, and write the description of the image.

Paper is then passed, the next person reads the description and makes the drawing of it. This process continues until the chit reaches back to the first player. You can then see how people have perceived your drawing, and have a riot of laughter.

#4 Problem solving with What you have!

Set up an activity or challenge. Arrange the required supplies in the center of the room, and make equal team groups. Both the teams have to complete the challenge using only the things provided in the room, but how they will use it is upto the player.

Problem-solving within a limited time is one of the important skills which test the intelligence and accuracy of the employee.

These are some of my favorite Team Building Games which I have loved playing with my team-mates. Did you have fun reading the list? Share your thoughts and tips with us. We will be grateful to hear from you guys.

Have a nice day!